Parkside Secondary Staff

Staff 2020

Principal: Jane Arbuckle

Secretary: Nicole Boivin

Counsellor: Carol Passmore

Meal Coordinator: Laurie Mutschke

Indigenous Support Staff: Tammy Bulleid and Vivian Watson

Custodian: Michele Kellar

Gr.8-10 Junior Pod Teachers: Colleen Annibal and Ted Ewald
Youth Support Worker Allison Biggs

Gr.9-11 Intermediate Pod Teachers: Dave Griffin and Zack Frankel
Youth Support Worker Kristine Schmidt

Gr.10-12 Senior Pod Teachers: Marc Eliuk and Kirsty Evans-Hernes
Youth Support Worker Dallas Ehman

Gr.8-12 Teen Learning Centre: Andy Ruygrok and Robert Whitmell
Youth Support Worker Dana Logan

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